Saturday, October 4, 2008

MSU Let Down

Classic 2008 Iowa Football was on display again today. Yes, the Hawkeye Nation is depressed, disgusted, and frustrated. A friend of mine sent me this video the other day. It relates to the Pitt game, but could be used for this one too. The video is slightly inappropriate and in no way do we intend on offending anyone or any group of people by showing this:

Iowa Video

I received another link that I will put on the sidebar of this blog:

It's easy to see how the writers of this blog feel about the situation at hand. We gave away another one. Stanzi goofs twice in the redzone and Ferentz goes for it twice when field goals were better options-thus winning the game. We should be 6-0 but left wondering how? why? and what?


NoVAHawkeye said...

I watched the game with three guys I work with, two of whom are MSU graduates. Both watched Iowa for the first time this year and both came away with the same impression: Our offense is beyond predictable. This has been my biggest gripe for many years now. Predictable offenses aren't the worst thing in the world for those teams with superior athletes, but we're simply not going to get those types of football players at Iowa. Which means we need to mix our offensive schemes up more. Also, was there ANYONE watching the game that didn't know that Greene was going to run on 4th and inches? If we all knew, do you think it's possible the MSU defense had a sneaking suspicion?

I'm obviously disappointed with the play-calling, but I'm also upset about turning the ball over twice in the red zone. Yet again we shoot ourselves in the foot. We have been our own worst enemy for too long now. I'm trying to think back in my many years of watching football of a time when a QB fumbled on a quarterback sneak. I'm sure I've seen it, but I certainly can't remember. Holding the ball with one hand just isn't going to provide enough protection.

Fans how long are we going to tolerate mediocrity? This kind of stuff is not tolerated at OSU and Penn St. I understand that they get superior athletes, but their fans have higher expectations than we do. This attitude of "Well they tried their best, and I'm damn proud of our boys", and "There's always next year" needs to come to an end.

Anonymous said...

I agree Nova-when Florida lost to Ole Miss, you never heard anyone saying "Tim gave it his best effort, but he's just a kid and there will be next week". No, Florida fans were ticked that their title hopes went out the window at home. We need this kind of attitude.