Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Your Greene On

Getting Your Greene On

Some have wondered where the posts have been this week? My response-if you get on this site every 2 hours looking for a post-you have no life. Some of us have jobs, families, and kids that require just a little more attention than living online. Anyway, I digress.

In case you have lived in a hole over the past few weeks, you know that the Hawks have new life and a bright outlook for the last leg of the season. A day off today helps us rest for the Illinois game next week (3:30 EST on ABC or ESPN). Shonn Greene has received a lot of Heisman hype and rightfully so. How many more great games does he need to prove he is one of the best, if not the best, running back in the nation? Can the national media just put his stats next to Ringer’s for one lousy second and see that there is no comparison?

We need to get a Hawk back on the Heisman finalist list. There is an ESPN poll out now that lists about 20 top candidates and Shonn Greene is in the middle of that pack. Many experts now put Greene as high as #5 on the list. Hawk fans-go to this link and vote. If you are a Facebook fan, there is a group called “Get Your Greene On” that is worth taking a look at. There is even talk of having a “Greene Out” for the Penn State game. I wonder what Kinnick would look like in all green. We need to show those large media markets of the west and east where real talent is. Click on the link below to vote.

ESPN Heisman Vote

Enjoy the day off. Personally, I hope that Penn State beats Ohio State today. That will bring a heck of a lot of attention to the Iowa game (assuming Iowa beats Illinois). Who knows, maybe Corso and the gang may pay us a visit again? Or maybe we get a primetime slot with that Hawkeye hating Brent Musburger. Wouldn’t it be nice to throw is hind parts out of Iowa City after knocking off a potential #1 team in the country?

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