Monday, October 13, 2008

One Reason to Hate Wisconsin-Politcal Correctness

The GHN likes to be original, but this story was sent courtesy of the Texas Hold Em Blogger -- Great blog by the way.

It details a sad sad story from the University of Wisconsin involving Political Correctness (which we are dead set against) and the movie "Blazing Saddles" (classic-possibly the best of all time". Here it goes:

"The PC Nazis at the University of Communism Wisconsin in the People’s Republic of Madison — 58 square miles surrounded by reality — have apologized to a student offended by the showing of a clip of Blazing Saddles in a class.

MADISON, Wis. - The University of Wisconsin has apologized to a black student who during a class last year was shown a clip of the movie “Blazing Saddles” that features racial epithets. During a seminar for working professionals, an instructor showed a scene of the 1974 comedy in which blacks are shown working on a railroad, according to a complaint filed by the student. Whites call the workers racial epithets and an overseer orders them to sing like slaves. The student complained and the school’s Office of Equity and Diversity, which investigates racial discrimination, got involved. That prompted an apology in March from the Department of Professional Development and Applied Studies, which offered the course."

Here’s the clip in question. Anyone who doesn’t think this is funny has no sense of humor and seriously needs to develop one. The comic performances by Cleavon Little, Slim Pickens and Burton Gilliam are brilliant:

The student in question needs to develop a sense of humor and some thicker skin or he/she will be in for a rough life. Of course, in President Obama’s America, the professor who used the clip will be arrested and prosecuted under federal hate speech laws."

This is sad, just sad. Frickin Wisconsin. What's next?? Can I go to the Office of Equity and Diversity and say that I am offended that there aren't more white boys on the basketball team? Can I go to my boss and complain that I am called "white" and not "Caucasian"? What a load of crap. I am tired of the Political Correctness crap. There are lines that shouldn't be crossed, I agree. Women-you complain that going to Hooters is offensive, yet you'll take your husbands/boyfriends/kids to the beach where ladies wear far less than at that famous chain restaurant. If you ask Mel Brooks-he will be the first to say THIS MOVIE WAS NOT MADE TO BE RACIST-BUT TO POKE FUN AT THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS CRAP GOING ON IN AMERICA. This was the 1970s.

God Bless Iowa-where we can speak our mind and say whatever we choose. We can honk at someone and not worry about getting shot. I had a coach once say, "Never apologize for something you meant to say. Honesty is what everyone expects and respects out of people. If you are being honest, there's nothing to be apologetic about". I would love to find a Hawk fan who doesn't chuckle at some point in this movie. If you can't even laugh during the fart scene, then you are welcome to move to Michigan. Hey student-why don't you ask everyone from Kansas City if they are offended? How about asking ABC if they are offended that the "Wide Wide World of Sports" people are offended being a part of this? How about we sue the railroad track company because their product could not withstand the ground conditions? Did the guy truly deserve to die for chewing gum in line? ..ok I am rambling now.

The student in question has the right to raise his/her objections to this video clip. I have the right (1st Amendment for our foreign friends) to offer this student and the Wisconsin Office of Equity and Diversity a nice warm glass of shut the heck up. I also have the right to tell these hippies (in the voice of Paul Sr. of American Choppers) that if this keeps up, I'm going to take my size 12 and kick some butt".

Go Hawks!


JR Ewing said...

The greatest movie of all kind. I would suggest they put a $400 handcart in the University of Wisconsin Office of Diversity Studies.
Viva la Slim Pickens.....may he rest in peace.

Peter said...

Thanks for the link.

By the way, any chance you'll take the Boy Genius (Bielema) back? Gosh, is he terrible! I'm calling it Iowa 31, Wisconsin 13 on Saturday.

In Heaven There is No Beer said...

No thanks Peter!

NoVAHawkeye said...

And the State of Iowa, in all of their wisdom, is about to choose Obama for President. :)