Friday, October 3, 2008

Michigan State Outlook

Right now, the mighty Hawks should be wading through the swamp of East Lansing. It should be a great game tomorrow. I am glad that ESPN2 decided to broadcast this game. I know that they are paying more attention to MSU (primarily Javon Ringer) than the Hawks. This is a good time to show the country that we are not dead-completely. Iowa’s run defense will be one of the best that Ringer has seen. Most of the points we have allowed have been through the air (whether thrown by us or them). On paper, we are a lot better of a match-up than most give us credit for.

Even though we gave the Northwestern game away, there is still hope for our mighty Hawks. It turns out that Pitt may not be such a bad team after all (they beat a ranked S. Florida team in Tampa last night). We can play well on the road. If we limit the turnovers, if Stanzi can have a decent day, then we should give ourselves a chance to win. I see there was a pro-MSU post on the blog a few days ago. We would like to thank Captain Obvious for stating what us Hawk fans already know-and we know that East Lansing serves only the cheapest, bland, bottom feeding beer around so no thanks to the invite. We have had many good seasons where we lose 2 games early on. *NOTE-if we do happen to lose tomorrow, all of the above mentioned excitement will most likely be thrown out the window.

Thanks to all the readers who have made the first week of this blog a success. It is good to see the Hawkeye Nation spread over all parts of the world. Tune in tomorrow-ESPN2-11:00 AM CST/12:00 AM China time. For those reading in the war zones-God Bless-stay safe-and hopefully you can catch a little part of the game on TV, radio, or the Internet. Hopefully the mood around the Hawkeye Nation will be a little more positive after tomorrow’s game than last Saturday’s. We'll be back tomorrow evening with a wrap up so look for it.



NoVAHawkeye said...

I'm not sure how relevant this is to how good of a team we really are, but for those Iowa fans who didn't know, Pitt upset #10 S. Florida last night 26-21.

Jr Ewing said...

The only thing worse than a blowout at East Lansing would be seeing those few queer looking black and gold vans driving to the game. Those things got to be the most gay looking vehicles on the planet.