Saturday, September 27, 2008

Northwestern Wrap Up

Mora's speech pretty much sums up today. Just switch the 4 INT's and 1 Fumble with 4 Fumbles and 1 INT, playoffs with bowl game, and of course the Colts with the Hawks.

I had a decent list of good things to talk about after the first half. When Andy Brodell fumbled right before the half, I thought........uh oh. I got that feeling in my gut that reminded me of many previous Hawkeye games: big lead, dumb mistakes, lose lead, lose game. Well my negative side is coming out. I think they entire Hawkeye nation is left scratching their collective heads and asking, How? Why?

On a lighter note, I had the WHO radio feed on and listed to some great lines by our beloved Hawkeye broadcaster Gary Dolphin:

Dolphin- "Man, Stanzi looked like he was dancing out there. You know, like that show on NBC, what is it called?"
Podolak-"Dancing With the Stars on ABC"
Dolphin-"Yah, Dancing With the Stars on.....TV"

Dolphin-"Man, Shonn Greene looks as a tube of toothpaste".

I can't find the right adjective to sum up my feelings on this game. All in all Stanzi wasn't that bad. Greene had a pretty good game too-up until he got his bell rung at the goal line. The defense was outstanding (except for the first drive of the second half). Actually the defense was great give that they had to spend so much time out there--due to FIVE TURNOVERS. Bacher and Sutton for NU looked good, but still, 5 turnovers did it.

We head to Michigan State next weekend and definitely no Florida International's on the upcoming schedule. We have to win 4 Big Ten games to become bowl eligible. Ferentz and O'Keefe better figure something out and fast. If they don't, we'll see them on the sidelines at Coe or Simpson next season (no offense to those fine institutions). Is there anyone interested or thinking of starting a blog/message board calling for Ferentz's job yet? If so, let me know because I may jump on that wagon if we lose another 3-4 in a row.

If there are any Iowa fans around the East Lansing area (there should be), can you all deliver some glue or sticky hand material to the Hawkeye hotel next Friday night? 5 turnovers on the road will be worse than at Northwestern.

The GazetteOnline live blog readers are predicting the line to be over 14 for MSU-ouch!

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