Friday, September 26, 2008

Northwestern Outlook

I remember a long time ago, the thought of the Northwestern Wildcats would cause me to chuckle a bit. It was a guaranteed "W". The question wasn't if we we would win? but how bad would we beat them? Unfortunately for us, no win is guaranteed anymore. We have seen "lesser" teams such as Indiana and Northwestern come into Kinnick and ruin a perfectly good Autumn day. Tomorrow is shaping up to be one of these gut-wrenchers.

I am excited to see Stanzi get a start versus a Big 10 opponent. Deep down I still think we need to go with one quarterback and sink or swim with whoever it is. It would be nice to see Stanzi make it at least a half. Whatever helps us win, I'm all for. I think Brodell is due for a big game. It's Homecoming and it's time for the Hawks to show the rest of the league that they are not worthy of a 9th place prediction. I vaguely remember a few years ago when we went into the Big 10 season 3-1 and not given a prayer of finishing above .500 in the league. That year: 2002-end result: Orange Bowl (forget what happened in Miami-at least we went).

I think the most head scratching moment of the weekend is the fact that our game is on ESPN Classic. I have read a lot of blogs, posts, and message boards about this. When the announcement came of the game being on Classic, the channel lineup looked a little intimidating. Well now I see trick shot, UWF, Gladiators, 3 Auto Trader Shows, and boxing. Classic better be thanking God that they will have a lot of Hawkeye fans tuning in during that time slot. They may not get anyone before or after that.

Eat a Turkey leg on Melrose for all of us who can not make it on Saturday. When the Hawks win, know that we'll be singing the Victory Polka with you!

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